University Relations

NSE Student Story

Ezinne Name: Ezinne Mgbeahuruike
Major: Communications with an emphasis on electronic media
Expected Graduation: May 2014
School: University of South Carolina, Columbia

Choice of School: Ezinne wanted to experience the culture and warm weather of the south.

Academic Benefits: Ezinne got a better GPA through NSE and performed really well in all her classes. She enjoyed the academic rigor at the University of South Carolina.

Professional Benefits: Ezinne was able to network with people that she never thought she would network with. NSE opened the doors for substantial relationships with people in the professional field she wants to pursue.

Personal Benefits: Ezinne was able to learn about herself and meet people that were different from her because they grew up in different backgrounds. She found the difference refreshing. Ezinne grew a lot as a person from being alone in a place she did not know.

Biggest Reward: Ezinne got to experience a whole new culture she never knew, which was very humbling for her.

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge was being alone in a state with no family or friends. Ezinne was alone during the majority of her stay in South Carolina

Meaningful Experience: Working in South Carolina was Ezinne's favorite experience. Her co-workers made her really understand what the culture was about, which was the most rewarding part of her trip.

Words of Wisdom: "I think everyone should do NSE. It teaches you a lot about yourself and the strength you never thought you had. I also think its good to experience different worlds and the culture they have."