University Relations

NSE Student Story

Sophie Name: Leland McKeeman
Major: Forest Resources
Expected Graduation: Graduated December of 2012
School: University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, British Columbia

Choice of School: The community surrounding Leland's school is almost entirely depends on the forest industry, and Leland thought this would be a fantastic learning opportunity for his major. Also, the setting of the school was a big draw –close to the Canadian Rockies, full of places to hike, ski, skate, fish, rock and ice climb.

Academic Benefits: Leland took the last course he needed to fulfill his major through NSE, but then branched out and took classes that he couldn't get at the U. "If you find courses that your host school specializes in, take them!" said Leland, "Seize the opportunity to learn about issues specific to your community or area."

Professional Benefits: NSE opened Leland's eyes to different forest practices. Leland can now recall on his experience to show that he can adapt well to new types of forests, which makes him more qualified to work in new areas. Leland accepted a permanent job offer in the same city as his NSE University. He plans on relocating there.

Personal Benefits: Leland made many new friends from all over the world who made his semester the most memorable of his college career. Leland loved stretching his boundaries and going out on a limb. He is extremely glad he did NSE.

Biggest Reward: Ezinne got to experience a whole new culture she never knew, which was very humbling for her.

Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge was being alone in a state with no family or friends. Ezinne was alone during the majority of her stay in South Carolina

Meaningful Experience: Leland cited his experience going on a woodland caribou safari with the Wildlife Club. It was memorable for Leland to see the beautiful animals and learn about their biology with a professional caribou researcher. Further, he had a chance to witness and reflect upon the forest insect epidemic, which has had grave consequences for caribou and the forest industry.

Words of Wisdom: "Go to a school that has the programs that you are interested in, rather than just choosing a university because it is 30 degrees warmer than the cities. If you can find those courses or programs in a university in another country or region, I would go for it! NSE makes it easy and relatively inexpensive to travel and see a new area of the country."