University Relations

NSE Student Story

Sophie Name: Sophie Geisenhoff
Major: Retail Merchandising
Expected Graduation: August 2013
School: Stony Brook University in New York

Choice of School: Since Sophie is studying fashion, New York has always been an ideal place for her to live, and Stony Brook University was one of the available schools where she could take transferable credits.

Professional Benefits: Sophie participated in an internship while she was studying through NSE in New York. This greatly benefited her resume.

Personal Benefits: NSE allowed Sophie to explore a different area and culture, yet live in the United States and not have to deal with visas or citizenship laws.

Biggest Reward: Being able to travel to a new place and experience a new lifestyle was simply amazing for Sophie.

Biggest Challenge: One of the biggest challenges was doing NSE as a senior at the U of M. It was more difficult to find classes to transfer. Another more general challenge Sophie had was adjusting to being away from her friends and family for so long, which she had never had to deal with before.

Words of Wisdom: "Get involved and take as much advantage of the opportunity as you can. If possible, study for the entire year and explore the area and opportunities available to you."