University Relations
Eligibility Requirements:

Students who apply must have completed one academic year of higher education and hold a GPA of 2.5 or higher (2.0 GPA students are still welcome to apply, but will receive extra scrutiny).

Gaining Academic Approval:

Before you apply, it is highly recommended that you meet with your academic advisor(s) to discuss how HECUA will fit into your degree program. Here are a few important items to consider and discuss with your advisor(s):
  • The HECUA courses have been assigned the HECU course designator.
  • MANY departments across the U of M accept HECUA courses towards major/minor requirements. Speak with your advisor(s) before you apply if you need HECUA to fulfill major/minor requirements. Your advisor may ask to see a recent syllabus, which is available at
  • HECUA courses do count towards the 120 credits required to graduate. They are also considered resident credit.
  • Many students use HECUA courses as upper-division elective credits outside their major

Application Process

HECUA is a consortium, so the information on their website is generic for all schools. U of M students, applying for a domestic program, are encouraged to follow these instructions:
  1. Complete the online registration process.
  2. Have an unofficial transcript sent to HECUA (may be printed from the "Quick Links" section of OneStop.
  3. HECUA requires you to meet with an advisor in the Center for Community-Engaged Learning before your application is complete. Call 612-626-2044 and ask to set up an appointment with Raegan Jaeger. Her office is in 240 Appleby Hall.

Come prepared to talk about how the HECUA courses will fit into your degree program at the U of M.

Important Details:

  • Once your registration is approved by HECUA, David Holliday will help you register for the appropriate courses at the U of M.