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HECUA: Inequality in America

For a program description, sample syllabus, example internships and more please visit HECUA's Inequality in America Progam Page.

Course Schedule:

Inequality in America is offered every FALL and SPRING semester. The seminars meet:
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays*
  • 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.*
Each student will also engage in a roughly 20-hour per week internship throughout the semester. The internship schedule will vary according to the organization's needs and the intern's availability.

This is a full-time (16-credit) program and most students do not take additional U of M courses. Students may choose to take additional U of M courses (but must pay U of M per-credit tuition) as long as they do not conflict with the progam schedule.

*A few field trips will occur during evenings and weekends throughout the semester. These dates will be available at the start of the semester so you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Credit Information:

U of M students enroll in three HECUA courses totaling 16 credits:
  • HECU 3571 - Contested Theories of Poverty, Inequality and Social Change (Reading Seminar) - 4 credits
  • HECU 3572 - Social Policy and Anti-Poverty Strategies in Theory and Practice (Field Seminar) - 4 credits
  • HECU 3573 - Internship and Integration Seminar - 8 credits
This is a full-time program; these courses are taken as an integrated whole and provide 16 semester credits.

It is possible to fulfill major and/or minor requirements through HECUA. (Contact your advisor or the CCEL office for details). If the credits cannot be applied to major/minor requirements, oftentimes students use these HECU 3000-level credits to fulfill "upper-division, outside of major requirements."

Tuition Information:

HECUA students do not pay U of M tuition but instead pay a program fee. The fee for the 16-credit fall 2016 semester and spring 2017 semester program is $8,400. Additional fees may apply. The program fee is billed through your U of M student account.

If you choose to take additional U of M courses, tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis (visit OneStop for current tuition rates).

Financial Aid Information:

Students enrolled in HECUA may receive financial aid. To learn what you may qualify for, contact Amanda Temple in the Office for Student Finance. There are several scholarships available through HECUA. CLA students enrolled in a HECUA internship may also apply for the CLA Internship Scholarship. CEHD students enrolled in a HECUA internship may apply for the CEHD Internship Grant.

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