University Relations

National Student Exchange:


Your credits from the NSE school will likely transfer back to the U of M, but you'll need to do some work to make that happen. You need to be sure you understand the U of M's transfer-credit policy and process, and you need to follow that process exactly.

Transfer credit policies and process are explained on this admissions office page. Before you go on exchange, you are responsible for taking the required steps to guarantee that your credits will:
  • be approved as transfer credit by the U of M Admissions office
  • fulfill the Liberal Education Requirements you need
  • fulfill any major/minor or other college/graduation requirements you need

Because they are considered transfer credits, the grades you receive through your NSE school will not be calculated into your U of M GPA. The MNCAS system documents all transfer credit already reviewed by the Admissions Office. See this admissions office page to begin your research about how courses will transfer.

Tips about Transferring Credits Back to the U of M:
The University of Minnesota generally accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited schools in the United States, and from internationally recognized schools in other countries. Transfer credit will generally be given for coursework that is similar in level and content to courses offered at the U of M. Standard liberal arts courses tend to transfer easily (e.g., courses in the arts, humanities, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, and social sciences). Vocational, technical, or skills-based course credits generally don't transfer. Credits for courses not offered for credit at the U of M Twin Cities also don't usually transfer. Examples of these types of courses are aviation, restaurant or hotel management, or real estate. The U of M usually does not accept transfer credits for religion courses that are doctrinal, confessional, or sectarian in nature. All credits earned through NSE must be evaluated by the U of M's Office of Admissions. If approved, the credits you earn through your NSE exchange will be listed as transfer credit on your U of M APAS report, and a memo will be added to your transcript.

Liberal Education Requirements:
You may be able to fulfill some of the U of M's Liberal Education requirements while on exchange. All transfer credit is automatically reviewed to determine which (if any) Liberal Education requirements they fulfill. (See this admissions office page for details.)

Major/Minor and Graduation Requirements:
While on exchange, you may fulfill U of M major/minor requirements and other college/graduation requirements. You will be required to fill out an advisor approval form before you leave on exchange. On this form, you'll list all the courses you plan to take during your NSE exchange. Your college and/or departmental advisor(s) will review your course selections, indicate how they will fit into your major/minor or other degree requirements, and sign the form. This form demonstrates how the courses you take on exchange can be used to satisfy your U of M degree requirements.

Petitioning for Transfer Credit:
If your transfer courses are not automatically accepted to fulfill the credit you need (Liberal Education requirements, major, minor, etc), you may be able to petition for the credit. The U of M Admissions Office offers a Transfer Course Petition Guide for Liberal Education Requirements. Your college and/or departments may have their own transfer credit petition processes. Talk to your college or departmental advisor about this option.

At the End of Your Exchange:
As your exchange ends, you must request for an official transcript to be sent from your NSE host school to the U of M. It should be sent to the NSE Office (this is also the Off-Campus Study Programs office.) This will begin the transfer credit review process. After the transfer credits are posted on your APAS report (which may take 1 to 2 months), you need to notify your advisors so the credits can be applied to your major/minor or other degree requirements. If at this time your credit transfer is denied, you may need to begin the transfer-credit petition process.