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National Student Exchange is a consortium of U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities, including the University of Minnesota. (See the NSE consortium's website here.) Students who attend a school within the NSE consortium can go on exchange to any other member school. That means you can go on exchange for a semester, summer or year to schools all over the United States (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico), as well as Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada!

NSE provides academic opportunities and adventure. Imagine the academic choices you have when you can access courses from 190 schools! Think of the adventure, the diversity you can find among classmates and professors in new regions, and the cultural and geographical differences you can explore. NSE offers a unique chance to enhance and expand your personal and academic horizons.

It's still possible to go on exchange during spring 2019!  Email for a list of schools and deadlines. 

Now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year! February 22nd, 2019 is the priority application deadline if you want to go on exchange during summer 2019, fall 2019, or spring 2020. Sign up for an information session to learn more. Ready to apply? Begin the application process!

Everything You Need To Know About NSE:

For Students Considering an Exchange to the U of M

See this links page for information about the U of M, the Twin Cities, and Minnesota. This information will help any incoming NSE student explore the U of M campus and the region.