University Relations

National Student Exchange:

Is NSE Right for You?

Below are questions you should ask yourself when researching NSE:
  • What do I hope to gain from the NSE exchange experience? What are my educational and personal objectives for going on exchange?
  • Can my objectives be accomplished at the host campus?
  • Do I have a flexible academic plan for exchange? (NOTE: If you are dependent on a specific course or courses for graduation, exchange may not be appropriate. Registration in courses at the host campus can't be guaranteed and is based on availability.)
  • Has my academic advisor approved the appropriateness, timing, and location of my NSE exchange?
  • Will participating in an NSE exchange delay my graduation? Does the host campus offer access to classes that will allow me to continue and maintain my academic progress?
  • How will specialized or unique course offerings at the host campus enhance my academic program and career goals?
  • Is the host campus sufficiently different from my home campus to make it an interesting experience?
  • Will the time I've allowed for exchange give me enough time to get acquainted with my new academic environment, as well as the region, its people, and its culture? (NOTE: Whenever possible, NSE students are encouraged to go on exchange for a full academic year.)
  • Are my financial resources sufficient to cover the cost of tuition and fees; room and meals; as well as transportation, travel, and other personal expenses at the host campus?
  • Am I comfortable with the housing options that are available to me? (NOTE: Some NSE campuses have limited or no on-campus housing, so NSE students are sometimes expected to find their own off-campus housing.)
  • Do I have any special needs (visible or invisible disabilities, health concerns, etc) that might require special accommodation? If yes, does my host campus/community have the support resources I may require?