University Relations

NSE Student Story

Sophie Name: Katie Stoltmann
Major: Business & Marketing, Minor in Retail Merchandising and Leadership
Expected Graduation: May 2014
School: University of Hawaii- Manoa

Academic Benefits: Katie got to take classes that were interesting to her and fulfilled liberal education requirements. Meteorology and Hawaiian Studies were two examples. The Professors are a lot different in Hawaii than in the Midwest, so it was neat for Katie to get a different type of learning experience and atmosphere. This taught Katie to be adaptable, a skill she knows will be important for her future career.

Professional Benefits: The adaptability Katie gained from adjusting to the new environment is something she can highlight in her future job applications. Katie volunteered in Hawaii and got a campus job. Both of these experiences benefited Katie professionally.

Personal Benefits: Katie met many amazing people and created life-long friendships. She also lived in a more stress-free environment, which mentally and physically benefited her. Katie was able to do outdoor activities that she loved such as hiking, swimming, and running.

Biggest Reward: The biggest reward for Katie was creating friendships that she still keeps strong. Another reward is being able to look back on all of the amazing things that she did such as seeing islands of Maui and Kaui, skydiving, snorkeling in the ocean, and the many beautiful hikes.

Meaningful Experience: Katie volunteered the River of Life Mission in Honolulu, a non-profit focused on helping the homeless. Katie spent Thanksgiving feeding meals to the homeless. It was a great way to make an impact in the Honolulu Community.

Words of Wisdom: "It was definitely the most amazing experience I have ever had. You probably will have no regrets if you do it. Don't be afraid of going by yourself; it is easy to meet so many people at whichever University you choose. Take advantage of crazy opportunities and you'll have amazing memories to bring back home- try out surfing, go skydiving, and be adventurous."