University Relations

NSE Student Story

Ezinne Name: Linli Fung
Major: Chemistry
Expected Graduation: May 2014
School: California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

Professional Benefits: Linli joined a professional co-ed business fraternity at CSUN, Alpha Kappa Psi. Her involvement helped Linli improve her public speaking skills, her interview skills, and hold a leadership position. Linli also cited what a great resume builder NSE is and how it really helped her build on her social skills, an asset that's really important in any career field.

Personal Benefits: Linli arrived on campus not knowing anybody. This was a push for Linli to step outside of her comfort zone and explore what was out there for her. Linli feels NSE taught her a great deal about who she is and who she wants to become. Linli says that being part of NSE has been one of the best decisions she made during her college career.

Biggest Challenge: Linli's biggest challenge was adjusting to the school and being away from home. When she first arrived, she felt homesick and missed her family and friends. However, that was just the push she needed to go out and meet different people.

Meaningful Experience: Linli had a hard time just choosing one meaningful experience. She hiked in Yosemite, rafted in the ocean, snowboarded in the mountains, saw Disneyland, volunteered for breast cancer and AIDs awareness walks, traveled from San Diego all the way to San Francisco, and met fabulous people.

Words of Wisdom: "For those considering NSE, I would say absolutely do it! You will not regret it and honestly, it's the chance of a lifetime. For those that have already been accepted, don't be afraid to be yourself! Go out, meet new people, join clubs, explore your state, and most of all, enjoy it! Your time there is limited so make the best of it!"