University Relations

HECUA Programs in the Twin Cities

HECUA's off-campus study programs address some of the most important issues of our time. Semester-long HECUA programs incorporate classroom studies, an internship, and field work.

Semester HECUA Programs:
Application Deadlines

December 1: Deadline for spring semester programs

April 15: Deadline for fall semester and summer programs

Early applications are encouraged. If the deadline has passed, contact the HECUA program advisor about openings.

The eligibility requirements and registration process are outlined here.

Summer HECUA Program:

HECUA Info Sessions

Attend a HECUA Info Session to get more information, ask questions, decide if HECUA is right for you or not, and pick up an application form.

What Does HECUA Mean?

The HECUA acronym stands for Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs. (You won't be required to remember that!) HECUA is a nonprofit consortium based in St. Paul. It includes 24 colleges and universities, with the University of Minnesota among its founding members. HECUA strives to build knowledge and community while enabling students to create social change.

International Programs

HECUA also offers international programs in Ecuador, Italy, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway. Visit the International Programs page for information. U of M students must apply for these programs via the U of M's Learning Abroad Center.