University Relations

National Student Exchange:

Learn More at an Info Session

See the Info Sessions schedule here.

At an NSE Info Session, you'll learn more about the program and chat with an NSE advisor. Info Sessions are offered throughout fall and spring semesters. Note that they're required for students who apply to participate in NSE.

You can also research NSE in these ways:
  • Pick up an NSE directory at our office.
  • Visit the national NSE website. The most helpful information about each school is available in the Member Campus Profiles section there, on the right side of that page.
  • Visit websites of NSE schools to see course offerings and other relevant information.
  • Read student evaluations and detailed information about each school. Visit our office for this information.
  • Talk with people who may be able to offer you valuable advice. For example, talk to academic advisors, parents or family members, former NSE participants, friends, or other people whose advice you value.